The sizzling Silk Route of Sikkim.

The spiral roads of Silk Route. The view of Zuluk from a nearby mountain.

Sikkim has always been a delightful destination. Travellers love to embrace the beauty of these majestic mountains. Located at the foothills of the Eastern Himalayas, this silk route once was a significant part of the ‘Old Silk Route’ from Tibet to India.

The silk route consists of few sites like Zuluk, Gnathang Valley. Zuluk is a small village on the way to silk route. The view of zuluk is just breathtaking. The snow covered mountains, the chilly weather, the narrow but spiral roads are enough to fall in love with this place.

And there was Gnathang Valley, another charming destination to visit. The picturesque Gnathang Valley snatches ones heart. The view will linger in your hearts even after the trip is over.

The colourful Gnathang Valley

So, if you are looking to discover the serene beauty of the Himalayas then you must come to Sikkim. This small but magnificent state has a lot to deliver.


Review on:- “Sapiens: A Brief History of Mankind”


This was the first time when I picked up this masterpiece among the library collections. Though I had already read a few extraordinary books, Sapiens left a mark in my heart.

 Yuval Noah Harari’s this masterpiece covers all the boundaries of mankind. From the Cavemen to today’s scientifically advanced human beings, the whole evolution of the ‘Homo Sapiens’ is illustrated wonderfully.

There are history books, books on Anthropology, Archaeology etc. But Sapiens describes ancient history as well as the Religions, Capitalism, Liberalism, Consumerism, Communism, Economics, Democracy in today’s modern world.

when I started reading the book I thought it only explains how the Homo Sapiens evolved. But as the chapters go on, so do the topics change. And it covers from “The Cognitive Evolution in Homo Sapiens” to “The Scientific Revolution”. Someone who wants to know about how the world works should definitely read this book. One will get all different kinds of ideas. One will get to know better about their own species, the ‘Homo Sapiens’. This book is a complete package of knowledge.

What really excites me, Mr Harari really questioned all the mistakes took place through the evolution process. Are human beings constantly upgrading them with these scientific discoveries? Or, re wee disturbing the balance of the ecosystem? Are we really making our lives happier? Or, are we making all other creatures suffer?

The question still remains unanswered.

I suggest please go through this book. You won’t be disappointed.

Book quotes

I feel inspired by Paulo coelho. His creations have the power to change your life.

To all those aims I want to achieve

Every morning I wake up with the thought of achieving something new. It can relate to anything. It may be a job waiting to be done for long, or a cup of coffee waiting to be sipped. Maybe this time I want to take an unfamiliar way back home. Maybe this time I want to break the boundaries.

I want to walk late at night without thinking about what people might think of my intentions. I want to break the stereotypes of society. I don’t want any validations from others. But it is easier to speak than act. Every day we are being suppressed by what people might think. Dreams are dying within ourselves. We can open up, but we are hiding behind the insecurities. 

So, should we just stop dreaming high? Should we quit about achieving what we want from our lives? Should we stop being different because society will never approve? No.

When you want to achieve something, break all those barriers. Just go for it. It may seem hard at first but Once you start walking through the process, the thing will appear to become clearer. Follow your instincts. It’s better to try than regretting later on.

what’s your dream? what do you want to achieve? All of us have some stories to tell. Don’t we?

Expecting the unexpected

#life #thejourney

Life happens when you are busy planning the other things.

There are events always occurring in our lives. When you least expect something to happen, it actually happens. And we can’t say at that moment, that we are not ready to face the circumstances.

Life is ever challenging, it tests us in every step. And our development depends on how perfectly we can tackle situations. We have to keep fighting no matter how hard the situation becomes.

Because at the end when we would look back, we’ll realise how much path we’ve travelled so far. We’ll observe the progress we’ve made.

Life is all about the journey. It’s about embracing the uncertainties and overcoming them.


The other name of life is uncertainty. We come across lots of uncertainties everyday. Nothing is permanent. Every other event in our life is unpredictable. But that’s also the mystery about life. And mysteries always fantasize us.

All of us have witnessed some kind of uncertainties in life. Nowadays life has become more uncertain.  We, the ‘Homo Sapiens’ have not only changed our appearances but also changed the earth’s ecosystem. This sounds quite confusing, but we can’t deny it.

The fact is, it’s our instinct to make things more complicated rather than simplifying them. No matter how hard we try, we always end up making the situations more complicated. Technology and all these scientific inventions are now behind all the troubles of our modern lives.

But is there a solution to all these problems? We can’t control our future. We don’t know what’s ahead of us. And it makes us more anxious. But we shouldn’t forget that we have the present in our hand. Only we can decide what to do with our current choices . So, the power lies in our hands. We can change and these small changes will make a huge difference someday.

Life after Mumbai

So, how’s exactly my life after the Mumbai days? It’s great here at home. When you get food and comfort right on time, nothing can compare that. I still remember how I used to suffer due to hunger. There were times when I couldn’t cook food as I was so ill. There were times when I couldn’t go to the market due to continuous rains. Now things are systematic.

Now I have a mundane life I agree. But I am here with my parents. And I don’t need to worry about the monthly rent, that’s a relief!

Still, I can’t believe that the Mumbai days are over. But no doubt, it was a great experience. You’ll always be a significant part of my life, MUMBAI. Thanks a lot for making me passionate. Thanks for letting me dream.

Now I’ll strive to achieve my missions here in Kolkata. Well, there’s more to come.